Changing The WordPress Upload Path

When WordPress is installed, by default it setups the upload path to “/wp-content/uploads”. However you may wish to either change this path or may have issues uploading to this path. This article will explain how to update this path to one of your choosing.

    • Log into your WordPress instance by going to Http:/Your_Domain/wp-admin.
    • In the WordPress control panel navigate to the “Settings” section and click on it to expand the tree.
    • In the tree you will see an option for “Media”. Click on this and you will see a the default path for uploading files set to “wp-content/uploads”. Change this directory to either a predetermined path or create a new directory of your choosing. You will need to make sure this directory has permissions for the webserver to access and is typically set to either 755 or 777.
  • Once you make the changes, click “Save Changes”. Your new upload path will be in place.