How To Remove Posts In Vbulletin

Part of administrating your Vbulletin forums is watching for Posts that need to be removed from the forums. This article will explain how to remove those Threads or Posts that need to be removed.

    • To remove a post to you must be logged in as either an Administrator, Moderator or Super Moderator. A normal user will not have that ability, unless you have granted that user the ability to do so. By default no registered user can do this.
    • Locate a post that you want to remove. To the far right of that post will be a check box. Check this for the post or if there are multiple posts, you must check all of the boxes for each post you want to remove. Once you have checked the boxes, you will need to chose the “Delete” option that is under the “Moderation” section.
    • When you delete the posts you can do do a “Soft Delete” or completely remove the posts. You also will have the ability to provide a reason why you want to remove the posts. Click “Delete Threads” and the posts will be removed.