Manage SharePoint 2010 Users

This article will go over managing users in SharePoint 2010 if not attached to a domain or active directory. If you need instructions for managing contacts in SharePoint 2007 or creating additional users, please see the articles below:

To manage users in SharePoint 2010 which are not attached to a domain or using active directory, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your server through Remote Desktop Connection (instructions for connecting to your server through RDC can be found here).
  2. Open Server Manager by right-clicking My Computer > Manage or by going to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Server Manager.
  3. Expand Configuration > Local Users and Groups > Users.

  4. Right-click Users and choose New User…

  5. Enter in the User Name, Full name, Description, Password, Confirm the Password and any other options.  Then click Close.
  6. Right click user and choose Properties to edit the group.  Switch to the Member Of tab and add the group.  If the user should have access to Remote Desktop, add the user to the Administrators group. Then click OK and connect to the server with the new user.

  7. To add the user to SharePoint, log into the Sharepoint site as the account administrative user.
  8. Navigate to Security and click the Security link.

  9. Under Users, click Specify web application user policy.

  10. Once under the users page, click Add Users.

  11. Select the web application the user should have access to and the zones. Click Next.

  12. In the Users field, find the local user or enter in the user name. Choose the permissions the user should have and click Finish. The user is now added to that web application.