Adding Additional FTP Users in Plesk 10

With the introduction to Plesk 10, comes a much requested ability. Plesk 10 now allows you to add additional FTP users, where the previous versions fo Plesk only allowed 1 FTP user and if you needed additional, you had to add them via the SSH / Command Line. This article will explain how to add additional FTP users in Plesk 10.

    1. Log into your Plesk instance by going to Https:/Your_Address:8443. Be sure to login as the customer or client and not the admin account.
    2. Once you have logged in you will see several tabs, click on the one labeled “Websites & Domains”
    3. You will now be in the “Websites and Domains” section. Here you will see a link called “FTP Access”. Click on this to setup your new FTP account.pleskftp1
    4. Click the link “Create Additional FTP Account” to get started. You’ll need to provide the desired FTP account name, directory for the FTP user and password. If you aren’t sure of the actually FTP directory, it will also allow you to browse the server if you click the folder icon next to the “Home Directory” field. Once you are finished, click “Ok”.pleskftp2