Mount a NAS Share as a Drive Letter in Windows

1. Start by opening windows explorer on your windows machine.  (It will look similar to what is pictured below dependent on what version of windows you have)

Windows Explorer

2.  You need to identify the IP address of your storage.  At with will be a private IP address, and your share will be named with your hosting account number followed by 5 random characters and _s (Example = H159389_Jka8K_s)

2a.  Right click “Network”, select map network drive.  This will vary slightly dependent upon your version of windows.

Map Network drive right click

3.  In most versions of windows this will be prompted for your folder name.  For NAS at you will enter \\PrivateIP\ShareName (Example \\\H159389_Jka8K_s)


4.  The last step will be to assign a drive letter to your network storage.

Map a network drive


  • This drive will be mounted for the local user that you are logged in as.  It will not be available for all users.  Each user will have to mount the share and select to reconnect at login
  • CIFS generally authenticates with username and password in a NON AD environment ( example UN = H159389_Jka8K_u PW = adjHHl387ahadsflkjujd)
  • Active directory environments will have the NAS share joined to their active directory environment as a computer object (will show up as H159389_Jka8K_t), and will authenticate via AD.
  • It is not possible to directly access or connect to NAS with servers or computers that are outstide of the Datacenter.

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