Install Perl/CGI in IIS 6

How to install and setup PERL/CGI on Windows 2003 and IIS 6

  1. Connect to your server via Remote Desktop. You can follow this guide on How do I connect to my Windows VPS?
  2. Download and install ActivePerl from ActiveState
  3. Open IIS; click Start, select Administrative Tools and click on your Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager.

  4. Click and expand your local computer and select Web Service Extension.

  5. Click on the Add a new Web service extension right next to the first green arrow

  6. For the Extension name, type CGI script , click the Add button and type, C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe “%s” %s
  7. At the notification, click OK
  8. Check the box that says Set status to allowed and press OK

  9. Open the command prompt, How do I open a command prompt?
  10. Create a directory within \inetpub called cgi-bin, type md c:\inetpub\cgi-bin

  11. In your IIS Manager right click on Default Web Site, select New, and click Virtual Directory.

  12. Click Next, for the Alias name type cgi-bin and click Next.

  13. For the Path navigate to or type out c:\inetpub\cgi-bin and click Next

  14. Make sure Read, Run scripts and Execute are checked and click Next and Finish

  15. Right click on the Virtual Directory, cgi-bin and select Properties

  16. Click the Configuration button

  17. Click Add and add .pl the way you see it in the picture below using the verbs, GET,HEAD,POST,DEBUG

  18. Click OK and you are done.