Set up SmarterMail Email on the iPad

This article will go over setting up email on the Apple iPad.  This applies to SmarterMail email setup.  If you are setting up Hosted Exchange and Messaging email, please see Setting up HMC on the iPad.

  1. Power on the iPad and navigate to the home screen.  Tap Settings.
  2. Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap Add Account…
    iPad Email Setup
  3. Choose Other as the account type and then tap Add Mail Account… iPad Email Setup iPad Email Setup
  4. In the dialog window, enter the following information:
    • Name – This is the full name that will be shown on outgoing email
    • Address – The full email address, i.e.
    • Password – The password for the email account
    • Description – A description of the account such as “SmarterMail”.  By default, this is auto-populated with the email address.

    iPad Email Setup

  5. Tap Save when complete.  The account will then look for settings to see if it can be retrieved.  If not, the next screen will give the option of an IMAP or POP account.  Choose the appropriate account type.
  6. Enter in the following information for both the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Host Name – The same domain to access webmail, i.e.
    • User Name – The full email address, i.e.
    • Password – The password for the email account (will carry over from the previous screen)

    iPad Email Setup

  7. Tap Save.  A warning may appear stating the Secure Connection Failed and that the certificate for may not be valid.  Since the account is attempting to be setup securely but there is not an SSL assigned to the mail domain, it is OK to tap Continue at this point.
  8. The iPad will then go through the verification process of authenticating with the mail server.  This can take several minutes even on a Wi-Fi connection.  Please be patient.  Another warning may appear about the certificate for SMTP and it is again OK to tap Continue.  The iPad will continue to verify the credentials entered against the server.  Once the account is verified, it will show in the listing next to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  9. To configure the account further, navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap the account.  The details of the account will be shown.  Scroll down and tap SMTP.
    iPad Email Setup
  10. To edit a specific server, tap the server and the details will show.  In here the settings for the specific SMTP server can be configured and changed.  This is where SSL authentication is turned on/off as well.iPad Email Setup
  11. Once the settings are changed, tap Done.  Navigate back to the account details screen in  Step 9.  Scroll down and tap Advanced.  The settings in here control how email is saved on the server, SSL and port changes.  Change these settings as needed.
    iPad Email Setup