Set up IMAP email on Windows Phone 7

  1. Swipe right to left to go to the program list.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select email and accounts.
  4. Select add an account.
  5. Select other account.
    1. In the Email Address field, enter your entire email address, such as
    2. Enter your Password.
  6. Select sign-in.
    You will see an error saying “We couldn’t find the settings for the account information you entered…”
  7. Select advanced.
    1. In the Incoming Mail Server field enter, where is your domain name.
    2. In the Account type field, select IMAP4.
    3. In the Username field, enter your entire email address, such as
    4. Enter your Password.
    5. In the Outgoing Mail Server field enter
    6. Select Outgoing server requires authentication if it does not have a checkmark.
  8. Select Advanced settings.
    • Uncheck Require SSL for incoming mail if it is checked
    • Uncheck Require SSL for outgoing mail if it is checked.
  9. Select sign in.
  10. Test your address by sending and email to a different address, and then replying.