Recover deleted emails via Outlook Web Access

This article will go over recovering deleted emails with Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Exchange domains.

You are limited in the number of emails that can be recovered in terms of date/time. Older messages may not be readily available to be recovered.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (this only works in IE).
  2. Login into your Exchange mailbox with, i.e. https:/
  3. In the upper right corner next to your name, click the Options link.
  4. On the left hand side, there are now other links to click. Click the Deleted Items link. This is only available to Internet Explorer users.
  5. This will show you a list of emails that were previously deleted. Bold emails are unread whereas plain text emails are previously read emails. Find the message you wish to restore and select it with your mouse.
  6. Click Recover to Deleted Items Folder. The email will be recovered to your Deleted Items folder. If you wish to purge a message in the recovery section, click the message and then click the Permanently Delete link.