Configure Junk Email Filtering in Outlook 2011 for Mac

This article goes over configuring junk email filtering within Outlook 2011 for Mac.   If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows, please see Change Junk Filter in Outlook 2010.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Navigate to the Tools menu and select Junk E-Mail Protection.
    Tools Menu for Outlook 2011
  3. The Junk Email Protection option will show three tabs: Level, Safe Domains, Blocked Senders.
  4. Select the Level tab. This will show the level of junk email protection to set up.  By default, this is set to Low.  To increase the level, select the desired level and click OK.  On this screen you can also set how often to delete the items in the Junk E-Mail folder.
    Outlook 2011 Level Junk Email
  5. Select the Safe Domains option to whitelist a domain.  It is not recommended to whitelist your own domain as this will allow spoofing.  To enter a domain to whitelist, enter just the domain without the @ sign.
    Safe Domains Outlook 2011
  6. Select the Blocked Senders option to block a domain. To enter a domain to block, enter just the domain without the @ sign.
    Blocked Domains in Outlook 2011